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Atlantic Salmon Federation Encouraged by Liberal Party's campaign promise on salmon aquaculture

ASF Statement on the Liberal Party of Canada’s commitment to transition B.C.'s salmon aquaculture industry to closed containment by 2025.

From Atlantic Salmon Federation President, Bill Taylor.

A couple of quotes from the article:

“The Liberal promise is a clear acknowledgement of the threats posed by the industry to wild species and the environment. In British Columbia this mainly includes parasite and disease transmission to wild Pacific salmon and other species, also the fouling of public waters as a result of chemical and fecal discharge."

“ASF recognizes that a transition to closed-containment salmon aquaculture would fundamentally change the way the industry operates, but it would be for the better. In coastal waters, companies have no control over environmental conditions. This leads to event like the ongoing mass mortality that has triggered an environmental crisis on the south coast of Newfoundland. In the Bay of Fundy, at least 1,000 salmon have spilled out of their cages in 2019, some heading up local salmon rivers as spawning season approaches. Closed containment production would prevent these incidents.

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