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Another BC Green Party candidate speaks out against open pen fish farming

"The Green Party would like to see the elimination of fish farms" - BC Green Party candidate, Sean Wood, stands up and speaks out against open pen fish farming. It looks like a #geensurge has emerged against this Industry. Will Nova Scotia follow suit? Quote from the article on ; “Aquaculture in Canada right now is mainly done by some multinational corporations in terms of fish farms. We need to get those fish farms out of the water. There are viruses, pesticides, antibiotics that are happening in these open pen net farms,” Wood said.

He said the environmental risks outweigh the benefits. "While they do provide some employment, the employment that is there is nothing compared to what did have with our wild salmon industry both commercial and sport fishing. I think if we can find money to buy the dead fish from the fish farms, we should definitely be able to find money to retrain people who are employed by fish farms.

Calling wild salmon “a keystone species,” Wood said they need to be built back up to “more sustainable levels.”


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