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Advocate wants stricter regulations after escaped farmed salmon found in Maritime rivers | CBC News

Why should ANY Canadian wild fish be put at risk because of farmed salmon?!! That is exactly what is happening. Its time for provincial Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture and federal Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans to know that this is unacceptable to Atlantic Canadians!

Excerpts from article:

"Their [wild Atlantic salmon] populations are critically low and if you've got thousands of fish returning into a river, if an aquaculture escapee fish gets into the population and spawns and their genetic material gets into the population, it's detrimental," said the Atlantic Salmon Federation's New Brunswick regional director [Abby Pond], in an interview. "

"Pond wants better regulations in tracking where exactly escaped salmon come from. It is difficult to track now and Pond attributes this to lack of reporting and weak regulations. "

"We can sustainably feed people without endangering our critically endangered populations even further." - Abby Pond, Atlantic Salmon Federation

Link directly to the full article here. or click on our Facebook post for the link and to comment.


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