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A new opposition group is formed to oppose Cermaq's proposed finfish farms in St.Mary's Bay, NS

A message from Monica Stark: "A group of concerned citizens is beginning to organize to protect St. Mary's Bay/Baie Ste-Marie.

For more info about the group St.Mary's Bay Protectors, and how to help out, please follow our facebook page .

To all Protect Liverpool Bay supporters, please "like" and "Share" with your network to help create a united front province wide of Communities Against Open-Net Pen Fish Farming.

St. Mary's Bay Protectors have posted a link on their Facebook today to their petition, we encourage you to visit and sign, and share. Equally as important - we also ask all of the concerned citizens in St.Mary's Bay to sign Protect Liverpool Bay's online petition too, just go to the home page of this website for the link.

Communities uniting against open net-pen finfish farms!


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