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A controversial salmon farm expansion has been approved in Nova Scotia - National Observer

"Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. has been running over capacity for the past 18 years with the province’s knowledge. The company sought to legitimize its operations through the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board (NSARB) with a boundary amendment, which was granted Jan. 28."

"The original agreement for the farm near Digby allowed for three to four cages and 120,000 fish. But Kelly Cove admitted at the hearing it has had 20 cages and 660,000 fish since 2004. The province has long been aware of the high numbers, but never penalized the company, which applied for the expansion in 2016."

"It’s worrying for people like Simon Ryder-Burbidge, marine campaign co-ordinator with the Ecology Action Centre (EAC), who said so far, the body has acted as a rubber stamp for the aquaculture industry."

“The board was pretty clear throughout its decision that it's distrustful of anyone who has expressed an opposition to open net-pen aquaculture in the past or who is even affiliated with groups that have opposed open net-pen aquaculture,” said [Ecojustice Lawyer] McDonald at press conference.

Excerpts above:

Article by Cloe Logan | National Observer | Feb. 2, 2022

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