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Women protecting Liverpool Bay for future generations - International Women's Day Beach Walk

Join us today!! Call to all women protectors, especially those members of PLB! Special event today, BEACH MEADOWS BEACH for INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, 3 p.m.!

Thanks to all the women near and far who have lent their voices, experience and expertise to PLB and the protection of our oceans against open-net pen finfish farms. Bring your PLB signs, your kids/grandkids/great grandkids and join us. Can't walk in the sand? No worries. Come for the beginning of the event, for the comradery and for our group photo to be taken at the beginning of the event. Our theme "Women who love the ocean and protect it for future generations!"

(Request ... those who are able bodied, please park at Board Walk#2 leaving spots for others at Board Walk #1)


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