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The Second coming of Salmon Wars

From Silver Donald Cameron:


And quite separately, on March 11, in Chester, at 7:00 PM in the Chester Legion — on Union Street, appropriately — I’m speaking to the Friends of Nature on “Salmon Wars and After.” The other speaker that night will be Kirk Havercroft of the leading-edge aquaculture firm, Sustainable Blue.

Salmon Wars, you will recall, was The Green Interview's 2012 documentary about why the government of Nova Scotia should reject a huge proposed expansion of open net-pen salmon farms. Instead the province approved them. Never mind that communities, fishermen, tourists and tourist operators didn't want net-pens -- and still don't.To learn why not, go to

Now the industry proposes to expand open net-pens again. In almost every other jurisdiction, finfish aquaculture is moving to low-impact land-based recirculating systems like those of Sustainable Blue -- and Justin Trudeau promised during the election campaign last fall to remove net-pens from West Coast waters.But not from East Coast waters. What are we, chopped liver?

Anyway, the Chester Friends of Nature meeting is one of three events organized to protest the provincial government's dim-witted plan to expand toxic salmon farms throughout the South Shore, all down the Eastern Shore and into Cape Breton. I won't be speaking at the other two events, but if you can attend them, I urge you to.

The first one is at the Tantallon rink (St. Margaret's Centre), at 2:00 this Sunday, March 1.

The second one, location TBA (but certainly on the South Shore) will take place May 1, and will feature the only genuine Elizabeth May, parliamentary leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Stay tuned. And in the meantime, don't forget this Friday at the Westin, courtesy of the NS Federation of Labour. See you there!"

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