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Serious Scientific Failings: Experts slam DFO report downplaying threat of salmon farms

A Fisheries and Oceans Canada study found no significant link between sea lice at B.C. salmon farms and on wild salmon, prompting scientists to express ‘professional dismay' - The Narwhal

“It is one of the worst pieces of science I’ve ever seen come out of a government agency,” Godwin, a post-doctoral fellow at Simon Fraser University, told The Narwhal.

"He’s not alone in his concern. On January 30, he and 15 other academic scientists wrote to Fisheries and Oceans Minister Joyce Murray to share their “professional dismay at serious scientific failings” in the report.

Excerpts above:

Wrtitten by: Ainsliee Cruickshank | The Narwhal | Feb.2, 2020

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