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Send a message to MP Terry Beech - public comments open until March 26th

The federal government is developing a plan to transition away from open-net fish farms in B.C. They are accepting public comments until March 26th.

Terry Beech, Member of Parliament for Burnaby North-Seymour is responsible for coming up with the plan to transition B.C.'s factory fish farms out by 2025. This is the good news.

BUT, the website they created to collect public comments has 37(!) questions about everything under the sun. And it is not clear about the promise the federal government made to get open net-pen factory fish farms out of B.C. by 2025.

Terry needs to hear loud and clear that British Columbians want factory fish farms out of our coastal waters ASAP. No more delays.

Can you send Terry an email now?

Or use the link in our Facebook post.


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