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N.S. Green Party leader distances himself from fish farming tech company - CBC News

From Green Party of Nova Scotia FB page:

We cannot begin to fix the problems in our province unless we start with non-violent and respectful dialogue.

Thomas Trappenberg, leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia, is is featured in the CBC today, demonstrating how at first he tried to work with local Nova Scotia entrepreneurs as well as Cooke aquaculture to make aquaculture safe.

"When I first talked with Cooke (I asked) 'Can we solve the problem?'"

Cooke's official response? Attack Thomas and resort to name calling.

This has been the Cooke pattern for years. Ignore concerns of local residents. Disrespect taxpayers by not paying back loans. Public insults of anyone critical of their operations. Is this the kind of company Nova Scotia tax dollars should be supporting?

"I am now convinced that we cannot solve open pens in our bays." concludes Thomas.

For the full CBC article click here.

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