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Mitsubishi's Fish: An indepth investigation into fish farm industry expansion in NS - Linda Pannozzo

"I mean, there’s no shortage of news stories characterizing the aquaculture industry in Canada and abroad as being as slippery as the fish they farm: stories about fish kills, pesticide use, antibiotic use, and disease outbreaks; stories about data being withheld and lack of transparency; stories about how farmed salmon are affecting wild salmon populations, or affecting the lobster fishery. There are even questions being raised about whether there are enough wild fish left to feed the farmed ones."

Excerpt From: Mitsubishi's Fish | by Linda Pannozzo, Halifax Examiner | February 21, 2020

A must read! Link to the full article here. If you are not a subscriber to the Halifax Examiner, please please consider subscribing to support incredible investigative journalism pieces like this one. Or bookmark the link and check back again in a month or so when they may share the article publicly.

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