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Meet our keynote speaker: Dr. Tony Charles

We feel incredibly privileged to present a keynote address by Dr. Tony Charles, exclusively at our event in Liverpool this Sunday. Dr. Charles is a Director of School of Environment, professor in the Sobey School of Business and Senior Research Fellow in Environment and Sustainability at Saint Mary’s University (Halifax). Dr. Charles specializes in interdisciplinary research focusing on environmental systems and natural resources (especially fisheries, coasts and oceans), notably relating to governance, socio-economics and sustainability. Particular areas of emphasis include community-based conservation and resource management, small-scale fisheries, integrated ocean and coastal management. He leads the Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN), an international initiative on local-level conservation supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Dr. Charles has received international recognition as a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation, a recipient of the Gulf of Maine Visionary Award, and a frequent conference keynote speaker. He is past President of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade and previously Director of Canada's Ocean Management Research Network and Director of the Coastal Community-University Research Alliance (Coastal CURA).

He is also the author of over 200 research articles, reports and books, including several recent books, one of which is 'Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods '.

COMMUNITIES, CONSERVATION and LIVELIHOODS is a free downloadable book that focuses on the role of local communities, around the world, in conserving their environment while sustaining their local economies and livelihoods. Community stories featured include Halifax and Clayoquot Sound, B.C.

You can find the free downloadable book at the website:

Click here to watch a short video clip about the book:


The Astor Theatre, Liverpool

Our event on Sunday promises to offer insightful discussions about the sustainable future of our bays and rural communities. Please don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by the powerful potential of community action for community based solutions. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! (Check out the event details here.)


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