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Letter: Min Keith Colwell is wrong, fish farming not the way to prosperity for rural Nova Scotia

In response to a September article in the Eastern Shore Cooperator titled "Aquaculture to Nova Scotia like Oil to Alberta", the President of the Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore (APES), Wendy Watson Smith, pens a 'letter' in the Nova Scotia Advocate highlighting the opposition issues with the antiquated, unsustainable practice of open net-pen fish farming and Mr. Colwell's ignorance to it all.

Quoted from the article Wendy says about Colwell, " ....We need protection from you and your provincial government who want to destroy our pristine harbours with your promotion for an outdated, polluting industry that threatens our present livelihoods and future. 

Mr. Colwell you are out of touch with the way that the rest of the world is moving. It is time to retire! " Read the full article below.

Here, here!! Thank you Wendy for using your voice to bring awareness to this government promoted industry and for your continued support of Protect Liverpool Bay's efforts - you are an inspiration to all of us in this fight.


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