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Government sponsored Aquaculture conference not open to the press, raises serious questions

Journalist Linda Pannozzo's requests to attend the annual Fisheries & Aquaculture Minister's Conference are denied. Linda writes in the Halifax Examiner, February 25, 2020:

Except from the article:

"The lack of media access at the conference does not bode well for the public who was promised greater transparency when it comes to aquaculture practices and regulation in this province. Back in 2013, the governing NDP appointed a panel to come up with recommendations to make the regulatory system more rigorous and appointed Meinhard Doelle and William Lahey, who recommended a “fundamental overhaul” of the regulatory framework, stressing the importance of transparency, public trust, and social licence.

The NS regulations were subsequently updated in 2015 based in part on the advice and recommendations from the independent report, says Nunn, and public input is one of the areas the government contends is much improved.

But the move to keep the media out of the conference sessions, discussions, and presentations raises questions about whether the government is serious about being transparent and whether its role as a promoter of aquaculture will compromise its role as regulator." .......

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