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Fish Farms want to break rules during COVID - they also want bailouts and priority COVID-19 testing

From Clayoquot Action: Have you read the letter we leaked last week from the Aquaculture Industry to the DFO Minister? Some shocking moves from fish farms during a global pandemic that are putting wild salmon at risk.

Excerpt from Clayoquot Action | April 3, 2020:

"During the global COVID-19 pandemic, when most people are doing everything in their power to stay home and ‘flatten the curve’, the salmon farming industry appears to be going flat out. Indeed, the industry is actually using the pandemic to ask for regulatory flexibility, financial bailouts, and even enhanced access for ‘front line’ workers to COVID-19 testing and safety equipment."

Scroll on the link below to read the article by Clayouquot Action, or click to go to their site. Or click on our FB post below to find the link and to comment and share.


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