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EAC - Nova Scotia All Party Debate, candidates state positions on open net-pen fish farms

The Ecology Action Centre, Sierra Club Atlantic and the Council of Canadians hosted a live all-party debate on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 to hear parties' positions on critical issues related to the climate and biodiversity crises.  Below is a summary of Party representative's answers to the following question presented during the event.

Q: “Will you commit to transitioning open net-pen salmon farms out of Nova Scotian waters and into land-based enclosed containment systems instead?” Summary of their answers below.

NDP - Yes, they support a transition to land based aquaculture, no open net-pens without community license.

LIBERALS - (No), Pam Cooley ‘personally' supports this but there was not a commitment at the party level

GREEN PARTY - Yes, they support an immediate moratorium on open-net pen fish farm expansions and a phase out of net-pens in the ocean.

PC - (No), they will look at slowly phasing out salmon net-pens into the future, right now they believe the process needs changes to have stricter environmental regulations.

Jump to the 59 minute point of the video below to hear this Q & A on ONP. The sound quality is not great, EAC are working on it and will upload an improved version soon, so check back.


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