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Cooke Sanctioned in Chile

Chile's Environment agency has ordered Cooke Aquaculture to cease the planned transfer of 170,000 salmon into its Huillines 3 salmon grow-out farm in the south of the country "due to imminent environmental danger."

"These 170,000 salmon would represent an overrun of more than 2,000 tonnes of the authorized mass at this facility, said in a statement released Friday the Superintendence of the Environment of Chile, the law enforcement body of the Ministry of Environment. Environment."

But, Cooke's is fighting back claiming the Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture gave them permission to stock - despite the fact this circumvents environment regulations.

Overstocking their sites has been a common practice for Cooke in Chile. Just like operating outside their boundaries for years in Nova Scotia.

"Exceeding 170,000 fish by Cooke Aquaculture is far from an isolated event, according to Chile's environment superintendence."

"Inspections have found that 'the company exceeded the total production approved in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2020 by up to 6,500 tonnes per production cycle' for the "Huillines 3" installation alone, the press release said."

"Cooke Aquaculture also now claims it exports salmon it produces in Chile to Canada, something it denied in September."

Above excerpts from:

Jean-Thoma Leveille | Lapresse .ca | October 25, 2022

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