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Citizens raised concerns about net-pens to MP Jordan at Prospect Road Community Centre meeting.

"Dear Twin Bays friends, We want to let you know that we raised our shared concerns about fish farming to our MP and federal Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan at the community meeting at the Prospect Road Community Centre on March 6. Four people spoke to the issue at the end of the meeting – all concerned, including from a household whose livelihood depends on the lobster fishery. The point was also clearly made to Bernadette that people are concerned in our bays, and not just in the bays where fish farms are proposed. To paraphrase Bernadette’s response: She said that the federal government is not responsible for aquaculture regulation in NS, though it is in BC. She did however mention a meeting she had with concerned fishers who asked her about her responsibility as Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to protect the fisheries from the impacts of fish farms. She said that the issues on the West Coast and East Coast are different (re: wild salmon habitat for example) and she said that she did not have enough evidence of negative impacts to move on her responsibility. She said she is compiling letters she gets on this issue from constituents, to share with the NS Minister of Fisheries and encouraged people to write to the NS Minister. In Solidarity, from Terence Bay & Lower Prospect"

Posted by: Lucy Sharratt to Twin Bays Coalition Facebook Page.

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