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ATTENTION SEAFOOD SHOPPERS: Compare your grocer and seafood brands sustainability ratings

Want to see how your grocery store and seafood brands rate when it comes to sustainable seafood? AND want to give them your feedback? Now you can do both on!

Seachoice are the Canadian watchdogs of the seafood labelling industry. For the first time, they’ve rated brands on sustainability and social responsibility. So shoppers can now judge whether the companies that supply your seafood are walking the walk not just talking the talk when it comes to seafood sustainability.

Seachoice profiled 8 major grocers in Canada and 13 of the most prevalent seafood brands in the Canadian Marketplace. Seachoice reached out to the vast majority of brands, and all but one, True North Seafood (Cooke Aquaculture) chose to engage directly with Seachoice to inform their Seafood Progress profile. But regardless, True North Seafood ARE still included.

MORE THAN JUST RATINGS. WANT TO GIVE THESE STORES AND BRANDS YOUR FEEDBACK - Now you can! The Seachoice website allows you to take action and tell grocers and brands what you think in just a few clicks directly from any of the rating profiles on the website.

Bookmark this site as your new sustainable seafood shopping guide!

Visit the Seachoice website here to compare grocers and brands, or just click on the photo below.

You can also find the link and comments on our Facebook page, click on the FB logo below.


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