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NS Lobster generated more than half the $1.5 Billion landed value of Canada's 2019 lobster harvest

Pesticide treatments for sea lice can affect the shells of crustaceans. As we know from the Halifax Examiner article this week, Cooke put pesticide in their salmon feed for 3 weeks to try to combat sea lice at their Victoria Beach salmon farm site (in Digby gut, Annapolis County, N.S.). They were unsuccessful in getting rid of the lice. Still all that pesticide went right into the ocean.

What about the placement of farms in lobster nursery areas - tons of feces, pesticides, antibiotics released to the bottom in these areas? We say "NO, NOT ACCEPTABLE!"

Lobster fishing has been the backbone of the Maritimes’ inshore fishing industry for the past 20 years, supporting about 7,500 direct jobs.

View the Global News Article in full here.

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