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Nova Scotia Environment announces 20 new land sites to be protected - reaching its goal of 13%

This week Nova Scotia's Minister of Environment announced its intention to protect 20 new sites, achieving the goal of protecting 13 per cent of its land — a milestone that environmental advocates applauded and urged the government to surpass.

On the South Shore - "....sites include Cherry Hill Beach, which forms a publicly owned protected coastal area and is important for piping plovers"

Coffin Island did not make the list, its status as a 'Nature Reserve' remains "pending".

If there's one thing to learn from this announcement is that it takes many dedicated individuals, and continual committed efforts from communities to get their areas on this list. Congratulations to all! And lets push for 30% by 2030.

Scroll to view full CBC article below for info on the sites, or open in your browser here.

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