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MEDIA RELEASE: Mi'kmaq Concerned with Cooke Aquaculture and The Impact to Mi'kmaq Rights

“On behalf of our member communities, KMK has continued to state the adverse impacts that the boundaries of the Cooke Aquaculture facility has on the traditional harvesting of the Mi’kmaq. While formal consultation has been requested by the Mi’kmaq under the 2010 Terms of Reference for a Mi’kmaq Nova Scotia Canada Consultation Process, our concerns seemed to have been pushed aside and ignored. While the proponent has continued to operate outside its boundary, impeding our ability to exercise our Section 35 constitutionally protected fishing rights, the Province has chosen not to consult with the Mi’kmaq on the application."

The media release was issued earlier today. KMK, the Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative are not in agreement with Cooke operating outside the boundaries of their net-pen site at Rattling Beach, Digby. They have been in attendance at the ARB hearing this week as Cooke's application for a boundary amendment is being presented before NS's Aquaculture Review Board (ARB). Full media release below.

"our concerns seem to have been pushed aside and ignored". - KMK Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative

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