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Environment in Spotlight This Week in Nova Scotia and Around the World &Two Must Watch Documentaries

Its clear that environmental issues are a top concern for Nova Scotian’s this federal election, this week we saw the global-wide event #climatestrike rally in Halifax,  the showing of Ellen Page’s documentary “There’s Something’s in the Water” (which premiered at TIFF) and was in the spotlight at the Gala Presentation of the Atlantic International Film Festival (FIN) in Halifax.  This coming week Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party Canada tours Atlantic Canada, including Halifax.

Watching footage of the massive scale #climatestrike demonstrations that happened around the world yesterday one can’t help but see and feel the momentum of this youth movement that is demanding change, for the sake of the planet and future generations.

Oscar nominated actor, and native of Halifax, Ellen Page, made her directorial debut with “There’s something in the Water”, which includes the current crisis unfolding in Boat Harbour, in Pictou County, a cause she has been deeply involved in.

About the film:

"Ellen Page and Gaycation collaborator Ian Daniel shift gears with the documentary There's Something in the Water, a disturbing and, frankly, terrifying portrait of ecological and social disasters in Page's native Nova Scotia. Based on Ingrid Waldron's incendiary study, the film follows Page as she travels to rural areas of the province that are plagued by toxic fallout from industrial development. As did Waldron, the filmmakers discover that these catastrophes have been precisely placed, all in remote, low income — and very often Indigenous or Black — communities. As the filmmakers observe, your postal code determines your health.” - TIFF

Quoted from TIFF film reviewer Normal Wilmer | Now Magazine | Sept. 15, 2019

"...But behind the conventional approach, Page and Daniel give their project a political conscience through the people they choose to interview – the women who’ve been trying to save their homes, families and friends from mendacious polluters and an indifferent government, all of whom are inevitably represented by white, wealthy men.

THE MILL -  Is another powerful documentary that appeared at FIN, it focuses solely on the 50 year old controversy surrounding the Northern Pulp Mill in Pictou County.

".....Will the mill, considered the dirtiest in Canada, finally clean up its act or will the Government of Nova Scotia allow a new plan to allow the mill to pipe its treated waste directly into the Northumberland Straight?” - FIN

Follow the link to The Mill film's website to read more about the documentary, you can view it streaming on-line at CBC | Gem., link also on the website:

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